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Trying to clean up debt? We offer a big range of providers offering unsecured and secured personal loans for almost all purposes for both US and UK Residents.

Whether you're in the USA or UK, you can APPLY FOR PERSONAL LOANS for any circumstance including Debt Consolidation, Home Improvements, Cars, Weddings and Good or Bad Credit at Personal Loans Consolidation. We put together a large list of some of the biggest Loan Companies so you can search for multiple providers on the net in one search - which means you don't have to fill out application after application.

Bad Credit History? Relax. Many lenders consider any credit history.

Which loan is for me?

Secured loans are for applicants who are houseowners and mortgage payers and want a second loan secured against their home. They provide: simpler acceptance criteria, because the loan is secured, bad credit personal loans are considered. Long repayment terms - which could lead to smaller monthly repayments. High loan amounts could be available. Click here to find Secured Personal Loans

Unsecured loans are not secured on the equity in your house, as such there is higher risk taken by the lender. So they may not be able to lend you as much with this style of personal loan. But if you are NOT a houseowner you shall be limited to unsecured loans. Click here to find Personal Loans Unsecured

For more on UK Loan Rates visit Bank of England

There is plenty of advice available to you if you are in debt. The consumer credit counselling service offers this advice, and the National Debtline

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